Thursday, 16 August 2012

Luahan | Charity bring Happines & Happiness bring success

Assalamualaikum n hye!

people said ^^

Obligatory charity for the sake of God is due from every single part of your body, even from every root of your hair. In fact, charity is due for every instant of your life.
Charity of the eye means looking with consideration and averting your gaze from desires and things similar to them.
Charity of the ear means listening to the best of sounds, such as wisdom, the Koran, and the benefits of faith contained in warnings and good counsel, and by avoiding lies, slander, and similar things.
Charity of tongue means to give good advice, to awaken those who are heedless, and to give abundant glorification and remembrance and other, similar things.
Charity of hand means spending money on others, to be generous with God’s blessing to you, to use your hand to write down knowledge and information by means of which others will benefit in obedience to God, and to restrain your hand from evil.
Charity of the foot means to hasten to carry one’s duty to God by visiting virtuous people, attending assemblies of remembrance, putting things right between people, maintaining ties of kinship, engaging in jihad (inner struggle), and doing things that will make your heart sound and your faith correct.

I am thinking about zakat

Zakat purifies wealth..
I've done my part..
Have you??

(^_^)v Peace YooOO!


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