Thursday, 8 March 2012

Reflective 1: Ready to face.........

segmen Anjakan Paradigma.. bersama dengan Dr. Fadzillah Kamsah..
mengubah anda kepada yg lebih positif..
i'll still remember about a slot which teach us to ready in any condition at any time..
actually this slot is for the ibu2 tunggal.. yg kehilangan suami terpaksa menjaga anak2..
but at the same time it also can teach a student like us to ready face the future..

being a student is hard..
being a worker is tougher..
but being the parent is the most toughest responsibilities we gonna hold..

are u  ready to face the future?
are you already plan your journey towards the future?
is there any obstacles during your journey?

in my condition:

i'm not plan being a doctor... but since I've already there in medical track..
i need to plan for myself.. Yes! i need to be doctor..
serve for my family, fwen, community and also the country..
But one thing that i have to remind myself
being a doctor is just not good enough..
but being a good doctor is the best way to create a better life :DD

but along the journey..
i have to face many things especially during my studies..
i have to improve my verbal and non-verbal skills.. i shall consider every aspects,

rsenye semua student ada kesukaran yg mereka hadapi mse sedang belajar
not only for medical student..
klu dh nmenye belajar...
xde pe yg senang..
nk belajar masak bukannye senang..
nk belajar menjahit buknnye senang..
bukn semua orang tahu berkebun
bukn semua orang tahu...nk mengemas n membersih..

like Dr. Fadzillah said..
matlamat itu adalah peta perjalanan

yes!! ur goal is ur destination in ur map! the journey is already there!
what u need to do is just find a way!
but of course we dunno what happen along the journey..
there will be many obstacles
only ourselves will make the choice either to continue or not..

sometimes kite akn rse down bcoz of what we are..
kite akn terasa 'kecil' dgn owg yg 'besar'
means that kite rse dri kite x cukup hebat macam owg lain..
sometimes ada owg tuh terasa terlebih hebat dr owg lain..
but remember my fwen!!
jgn terasa down sgt coz sometimes akn menyebabkan hati kite rosak
menyebabkan kufur kepadaNya.. sbbnye kite kdg2 kite x sedar hati kite terdetik "Tuahn tidak adil padaku"
Insyallah xkan ada la ye kawan2 kite berfikir seperti ini...
Sebab itu kite perlu kan semangat dalam hidup..
cakap mang la senang..
tp camne nak cari semangat tuh??

but for me,..
ak akn tengok owg yg terdekat ngan ak..
owg yg plg susah hadapi idop..
but still can survive in the right track~~
cukuplah sekadar melihat diri aku sendiri..
i'm not come from the rich family..
ataupun keluarga yang senang lenang..
but cukup sekadar keperluan harian dan bersederhana dalam hidup..
what i've want
since my kid, i can't get easily from them..
they promise me..,if i scored in my exam they will give me..
but yet they dun give me..
but still i work hard to do best so that they will notice me..
till i've grown up...
i never stop from working hard coz the work hard is there in me..

i never blame my parents becoz of their hard life..
but i'm thankful for them coz give me the chance to let face the outside world and know better about life
i learn from my experience and also mistakes..
yes i feel ashamed to make mistakes
but to overcome the shame of my life i will remind myself to not repeat the mistakes again..

yes i'm grateful bcoz my mother is full time housewife..
when i was a little kid..
i wanna be like her..
take care of everyone in my family..
even she is not complete her studies..
but she knows better than me :))

mknn mama yg tersedap coz she put effort into it :)
mama yg tercantik coz hati mama cantik dihiasi keikhlasan dlm setiap perkara yg dilakukan :)

if people said that doctor is a noble profession..
i would said that housewife is the most noble profession in this world..

that's the one way that the spirit came from!!
My Mother and also family :D


  1. haah.. mknn yg mama jiha masak sedaappp... best2 lak uh lauk... :D

    1. hhahah mknn dr umah mang sedap pon :)

  2. best entr nie,folow blog sya balik ok.tq


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