Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Feel other's pain~ Ouch!!! Its hurt...

Bila kite berada di atas.. kite akan melihat kesedihan n pilu owg yg berada di bawah..
it's easy for us but difficult for them..
when they sad we tend to give them moral support to move on..
it's work for some people..
you know what so good being a failure?
you try harder! to achieve and improve yourself..
you are in dangerous zone..
you feel the eager to cope from it..
being a number 1 just can make you going to the bottom..
At this time... you need somebody beside you,..

its true i never fail in any subject.. even a low mark is very rare..
but today.. I can feel what other people do feel...
but i'm so grateful coz actually i'm not 100% give my effort into it but yet i have the second chance.. Alhamdulillah~
i'm not fail but yet i was in the bottom...
feel embarrassed sometimes you feel like you juz want to kill yourself!!! argh!
But i realize something..I don't get to choose how I'm going to die, or when. I can only decide how we're going to live now...whether being a weak girl! or strong girl among the other! for me, the strongest person in the world who is the person who can faced the failure till meet the Victory!
I will never give up!!
Hwaiting! Chaiyok!!

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